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July 27, 2020

JCB LIVE Happy Hour Featuring Derek Bromley

Derek joined the one-and-only Jean-Charles Boisset of Boisset Collection (JCB, Raymond Vineyards, and Oakville Grocery among other world-renowned wineries and brands) to sip and discuss the similarities and differences between coffee and wine. Derek shared his thoughts on topics within the coffee world including ideal preparation, industry, geography, terroir and more. They also dove into Derek’s creative influences and what drives his passion. Their engaging discussion interweaves a fun flight that includes wine, coffee, and even Derek’s new espresso cocktail creation, Hammer of the Gods.

You can watch the Facebook stream here: 

Hammer of the Gods cocktail recipe:

- 1.5oz JCB Vodka

- 0.75oz coffee liqueur

- dash bitters, Angostura or similar

- shot of espresso (Derek uses a double ristretto of Ohm Black Magick blend)

Prep all ingredients prior to pulling espresso shot—you don’t want the shot sitting for more than a minute before mixing. Our recipe is 30ml of espresso, pulled through 20g of grounds, in about 30 seconds. This “double ristretto” will maximize sweetness and minimize bitterness/astringency.

Chill a martini glass, the colder the better. Combine vodka, liqueur, and bitters in a cocktail shaker with plenty of ice. Shake, and strain into chilled glass. Gently pour in the espresso shot, preserving as much “crema” as possible. Optional: top with fresh-shaved chocolate and/or 3 whole coffee beans. Turn up your favorite guitar-driven rock playlist, sip, and enjoy.

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