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Black Magick Blend


Black Currant | Fig | Toasted Marshmallow

Named after a certain amp shrouded in mystery that was reportedly used to record one of the seminal debut albums of the classic rock era, Black Magick is our take on the darker side of coffee.  We don't roast any beans to the point that they taste burnt, but we do take this blend right to the edge of our comfort zone.  The key to our approach is that the coffee remains fruity, sweet, and balanced--there are no bitter or harsh flavors, no smoky ashtray notes, just a lush and deeply satisfying cup that redefines what a dark roast can be.  12 oz. bag of whole beans.  

Current blend:

- 60% Guatemala Fair Trade Organic certified, sourced from the Sustainable Coffee Association of Guatemala (ASDECAFE), Huehuetenango and Quiche regions.  ASDECAFE works with small farmers and grower associations to market coffees that support its commitment to environmental protection, transparency, excellence in coffee quality, and promoting long-term relationships.  A blend of varietals, fully washed, 4,300-5,900 feet above sea level

- 40% Kenya Peaberry, Nyeri province, Kamoini station.  Nyeri province in south-central Kenya is renowned as one of the great coffee growing regions of the world, not unlike Burgundy's Cote d'Or is to wine.  This coffee is sourced from small, family-owned farms that deliver their harvest to the Kamoini wet mill for processing.  Grown in volcanic loam soils, fully washed, dried on raised beds, 4,000-7,500 feet above sea level.

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