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Handwired Espresso


Ginger | Cardamon | Milk Chocolate

Any of our offerings will pull a respectable shot, but this one is a specialist. Lower acid accentuates the beans’ natural sweetness in this medium-full bodied blend.  Also brews an elegant, lower-acid drip. 12oz. or 5lb. bag of whole beans.

Current blend:

- 60% Brazil, sourced exclusively from the Fazenda Serrinha estate in the Cerrado Mineiro region, farmed by Jose Maria de Oliveira, natural/dry process, 3,900 feet above sea level.

- 25% Sumatra, sourced exclusively from the Tiga Raja mill in the Simalungun region, wet hulled, 3,900-5,100 feet above sea level.

- 15% Ethiopia Guji, Kercha District, natural/dry process, 5,900-7,200 feet above sea level.

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