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Tweed Blend


Cherry | Vanilla | Pipe Tobacco

Medium roast.  No effects pedals required. The classic “tweed” amplifiers of the 1950’s were plenty loud, but also delivered pure, focused, and incredibly nuanced tones. Like the bluesman who can melt your face with one note, then bring you to tears with the next, this blend is about feel over volume. Candy apple, subtle spice, and a medium body help this coffee shine as a soloist, though it’s got plenty of chops to harmonize with any milk or sweeteners thrown at it.   12oz. or 5lb. bag of whole beans.

Current blend:

- 60% - Rwanda “Isimbi”, Bourbon Varietal.  This coffee is a blend of smallholder farmer lots (250-350 trees per farmer, on average) that achieves a clean, consistent expression of the country's distinct origin character.  Bourbon varietal, fully washed, 3,600-6,600 feet above sea level.

- 40% Guatemala, Huehuetenango, Vides Family Farms.   This coffee is sourced from farms owned by the Vides Family, founded by Jorge Vides in 1958.  The family converted entirely to specialty coffee production in 2001, and won second place in the Guatemalan Cup of Excellence in 2002.  Bourbon, Caturra varietals, fully washed process, 4,900 feet above sea level.

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