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Full Stack Blend


Blueberry | Blackberry | Dark Chocolate

Medium-full roast.  Inspired by the legendary guitar amplifiers that nearly defined the classic rock era, this blend does not shy away from full throttle tones of sweet chocolate and blue/black fruit.  But we don’t roast to “11,” because burnt beans taste like ashtrays.  We roast to “6” or “7,” where a little natural distortion (roast character) enhances the underlying sonic profile (sweetness and complexity).  12oz. or 5lb. bag of whole beans.

Current blend:

- 60% Ethiopia Guji Natural Process, Kilenso Washing Station. Sourced from the Guji Coffee Export PLC, which is owned and operated by Girma Edema who has more than 20 years of experience exporting coffee from the Kercha district within the Guji zone. Coffee producers deliver their ripe cherries to the Kilenso washing station where the cherries are sorted and immediately placed on raised beds and dried over a period of 15 to 20 days. The raised drying beds are carefully constructed to ensure proper air circulation and temperature control for an optimal drying process. Cherries are also turned regularly on the beds to prevent damage during the drying process. The cherries are stored in a local warehouse after the moisture is reduced to less than 12 percent. Then the beans are transported to Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, to be milled and prepared for export. Girma's control of processing, from drying up to the final export stage, preserves the coffee from damage and results in an exceptionally clean and sweet cup profile.  Indigenous heirloom varietals, natural/dry process, 5,900-7,200 feet above sea level.

- 20% Sumatra, Mandheling, Gr. 1 Sourced from 3000 producers near the shores of Lake Toba in the North Sumatra Province. The farmers use Yudi Putra, which is a family-owned export company that works with the farmers, making sure they have easier access to the international coffee markets. Caturra, Catimor & Typica varietals, wet hulled and dried in the sun, 4,250-5,500 feet above sea level.

- 20% Papua New Guinea Peaberry, Kimel Estate, Waghi Valley   Sourced from a single estate in the town of Banz, Waghi Valley Western Highlands Province; the Kimel Estate has worked with the local community so that the farm is now owned by traditional landowners from the region, the Opais being the main tribe. The estate has a permanent workforce of 432 which also provides housing, schooling, medical care and clean running water. The estate has implemented eco-friendly policies such as reusing the coffee pulp as organic fertilizer and recycling water used during the coffee processing. Mundo Novo, Blue Mountain, Typica, Arusha, Caturra & Catimor varietals, fully washed & sundried, 5,180 feet above sea level. 

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